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DCG Approach

We provide a value added difference with our validated, proven approach:

DCG operates on a shared risk, share success basis with our clients and partners, ensuring complete alignment in philosophy, strategy, goals and objectives. Our compensation is directly tied to our client’s success.

We selectively choose our clients and partners, only working with those who are passionate and serious about their business and have demonstrated a consistent track record of performance, achieving investment goals, integrity, and ethics.

We only accept mandates where we can provide clear value. Once we do take on a project, we assume key responsibilities, becoming part of our client’s team and assigning full time support.

We provide international experience and direct access to top level decision makers, advisors, and enablers across the globe.

We offer clear strategic advice, valuable analysis, and tactical planning which is conclusive and actionable. We help to efficiently reduce uncertainty, times and costs of entering new markets.

DCG handles the high pressure time-driven crisis/distress resolution requirements of extremely demanding high profile clients with calm, controlled, discrete and swift results.

Fields of Experience

Real estate


Distressed assests

Financial instruments

crisis management







health care

ultra-luxury assets