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Advisory Services

Comercial Development Services

DCG provides commercial business development, marketing and sales services in partnership with ADNRY Advisory.

We often come across unique companies, entrepreneurs, and individuals that who’ve created amazing products and services in which we see enormous potential through our market reach and management. We partner with the owners to develop that enormous potential and invest in creating a commercial operation to take those products and services to new markets.

ADNRY Advisory provides strategic and tactical support to create a more competitive offering for the product or service, incorporate a well-designed marketing and sales platform, and engage new customers in new markets.

We have experience in transforming traditional business models and processes by creating new strategies to renovate brands, operations, market penetration, turnover, and profitability.

In some cases, these engagements lead to our private investment participation; and in many cases, we become commercial agents for the product or service, leveraging our access to new markets.

Key Benefits:

Commercial business development

Design and execution of go-to-market plan and support structure

Marketing and PR strategy

Global market opportunity analysis & market penetration strategy

Venture / early-stage growth strategies

Competitive positioning diagnostics

Assistance in obtaining subsidies, investors, financing, & public sector leverage/support

Business environment market diagnostics, industry structure and dynamics

Cost efficiency strategy, process, and tools

Strategy development & tactical support

Scenario-based strategic planning

Process facilitation & development