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Advisory Services

Direct Access Introductions

DCG accepts mandates to facilitate Direct Access to influential officials, business leaders, and other key decision makers by providing effective qualified introductions, company match-making, and establishing strategic relationships/alliances.

Engaging the right person is all about access, credibility, and reinforcement. More than just an introduction; we efficiently gain credible, qualified, and discrete access to the right individual, company, agency, or official, then follow through to support, develop, and complete business opportunities.

DCG has direct and indirect access to powerful top level influential leaders, business executives, investors, senior level policymakers, and government officials worldwide.

For private business clients, funds, and investors funds we can often assist in providing strategic access including direct, in-person meetings, with key senior policymakers and business executives, on a highly confidential basis. We arrange introductions using both formal and informal channels and emphasise extreme discretion.

We work to identify the appropriate contact or group of contacts on behalf of our client, and profile their influence in order to direct focus towards the actual decision makers in relation to the desired opportunity. When DCG accepts a mandate for Direct Access introductions, we ensure to provide our client a meaningful qualified opportunity to engage directly with the real decision maker.

There are always several channels to accessing the right person, but who provides the introduction and on what basis can mean the difference for success. We strictly risk our own credibility and reputation to facilitate introductions by directly engaging the desired connection, even in cases where we leverage the relationship of a trusted partner who has a proven successful track record and well respected image to engage the target contact.

Prior to engaging with any prospective client, we determine the specific needs and goals and then determine how and if we can assist in achieving tangible results through our network. Once we have identified the target contact and created a plan, we ensure client is prepared, to engage the desired contact, and then facilitate a qualified introduction.

Not only do we facilitate a qualified introduction to the target contact; we can also reinforce the objective by engaging influential people around the contact who are in a position to support, advise, prescribe, or validate an action or relationship.

DCG also facilitates private & direct access to powerful trusted advisors with specific local knowledge and influence to provide our clients with actionable strategic advice and detailed execution plans. We engage influential business leaders, government officials, potential strategic partners, and other high-level decision-makers to promote our client’s interests through expert global communication skills, strategic introductions, collaborations and networking.

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